We are currently the only source for 1 1/4 clipped corner buckles also available under our buckle button. Standard with 18 bullet loops. Managing not to be jailed for these events Doc Holliday shook the dust of Tombstone from his heals and headed to Colorado, initially going to Leadville where the high altitude caused him trouble with his breathing. This is a very authentic rig that has drawn our attention for many years. (CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL VIEW) Here is the rig you have been waiting for. I have attached a pic of the style I am looking for. You can choose smooth or rough side out and the color you desire from the home page. THE BADGE ON THE RIGHT IS OUR COPY, ALSO IN SILVER COLOR. If any one out there has an idea where to get the exact style of conchos like on this gun belt, please contact us. The movie holster was in 7 1/2 but we can adjust the barrel length to what you need. . Virgils single drop loop holster, adapted from the movie Tombstone. See Guns & Gear page 18. Note the unique single drop loop with a shield design. An 8 gauge, six shot cartridge slide is available for $49.95. Add adjustable tongue keeper strap, with or without (D) ring ~ $24.95. Standard with 18 bullet loops. I think this will ve useful all this members. As low as $224.95. ~ $449.95. On a trip he was passing through El Paso, Texas and stopped at the S.D. Available in black or tan lined leather. Current price ~ $975. There are simple instructions on his site or have Steve do the work. Pant belt and square buckle ~ $149.95, This actor was one of three Texas Rangers that got into more trouble than the outlaws they were after. (Photo Pending) Adapted from the movie we have constructed a sand suede long range site bag to carry Quigleys detachable rifle site. These holsters were specifically designed for quick draw and are as fast as a wisp of smoke. He was an accomplished gun handler and was as fast as he appeared on screen. This is a complex holster to make and takes more time than others to construct. Lined ~ add $49.95. Sewn loops can rip loose so we punch slots and weave the loop in and out of the same slot. Our adaptation~ $324.95, Rough out, leatherlined holster and cartridge belt. Original color was saddle tan. Slightly wider than a totally square buckle and a lot easier on the belts leather tongue. We were able to get the correct pattern from a museum curator who loanedhis originals to the movie to copy. Van Cleef never takes his coat off and no gunfighter stitch is showing so we make our version this way. For lined holster add ~ $59.95. Both holster and belt are fully lined. For antiquing and distressing add $40.00 per piece. Or fastest delivery Nov 17 - 22 . . Holster can be made for any western single action in any barrel length. Hi ! Additional loops $2 each. Town cartridge belt $124.95. Fully lined holster and gun belt ~ $499.95. Note: if you choose light thread with a black or brown holster and gun belt you can expect some color transfer onto the thread. Cartridge belts standard with up to 18 bullet loops in your caliber. Thanks CaptQuirk, . Stamped edge add $10. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. The belt has a large decorative leaf and vine tooling pattern and the holster has a rail road track roll tooled along the stitch line and on the front. The buckleis a (D) shaped heel bar buckle. Saw a pattern hanging on the rack at Oregon Leather Eugene Oregon done by Brazos Jack wild west series, Callahan shoulder holster. Special thanks for critical input, design features, and color descriptions from Todd of Todds Costumes, and Indy Magnoli for assistance and advice. My only "stray" from the one on the movie set, is my customer wanted a lighter color, . Compare specifications of Cimarron Doc Holliday Thunderer (Sold As Set Only) 45 Long Colt CA4506DOCSET and Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy 45 Long Colt 1894CB45-20. ~ $ 199.95. The generous push loop at the other end will allow even those with larger fingers to fit. (Movie Quote: You tell em IM coming.. and hells coming with me, you hear?), (You gonna do somethin or just stand there and bleed?), Remember in the movie Tombstone when Wyatt raked Ike Clantons cheek with his spur. Features: Ballard-Type Rifling;Tapered Octagon Barrel. Will fit up to a 5 1/2 Colt SAA or clone. Belt has a rounded heel bar nickel buckle. Set includes rough out 2 cartridge belt, buckle, and Slim Jim holster. We want to thank our customers encouraging us to recreate this iconic buckle worn by the Dodge City Marshal in everyseason except one. It aint true. Color may vary because of photos. Fits up to a 1 3/4 belt. For lining add $49.95 per piece. Gun belt lined with one holster ~ $399.95. Out of stock. Our version of this unlined rig ~ $449.95. In the 1850s Southern plantations would have self-elected, quasi law enforcement employees that would search for Plantation folks trying to reach the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. It will fit up to a 1 1/2 belt. He was instrumental in convincing him to stop wearing the flashy buscadero rigs where the holster goes through a slit in the belt. Just found in a now closed Texas museum with provenance. Engraved, nickel buckle and engraved domed spots decorate the hat band. (Currently Cullen uses a converted 1858 cartridgeRemington). To add nickel studs on belt and holster call for pricing. These are available separately in solid brass or nickel plate. This Rig comes with a Fully Leather Lined Holster Lined Holster to protect your firearm from surface wear and Belt tie down straps also this rig is completely Old West Period Authentic to the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. This metal replica is almost totally exact to the original British Webley. Authentic Rio Grande Rig - Belt only $ 136.00. There is actually enough room inside for some ammo and a military compass, or a small cell phone. (click on photos for larger view) Trust me this is a great concealed carry holster. he always carried a four barrel Sharps Derringer and a sword hidden in his cane. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Our version of top sewn gun belt and unlined holster ~ $424.95. mandatory release alabama 2021 lorawan layers; korg pa600 downloads pfsense bridge lan and opt1; top 100 models of all time hotter than socks on a jersey giant; service mode code samsung I'm very much like your friend in the sensethat I am very particular. The Buster holster has all the typical Buck Jones holsters/rigs characteristics, such as scoop throat, lots of studs, conchos and silver work. (Photo Pending) Wood canteen adapted from the movie- Coming Soon. Doc Holliday was born John Henry Holliday on August 14, 1851 in Griffin, Georgia and he grew up there and in Valdosta, Georgia. Quirts longhorn steer head pant belt buckle available on our buckle button(See below), This buckle and tip can be cast in solid Sterling Silver ~ $249.95, Slightly different from the cast buckle above. Unlined holster and gun belt ~ $399. Action: SAO. What started with the stealing of a pig led to countless deaths and animosity to the present day. (Original photo) Attributed to Doc Holliday is a more traditional shoulder holster for a nickel Colt 1873 SAA with 4 1/2 barrel. Correct single strap traveling saddlebags with ten brass studs and Chisholms Trail hand cast 3/4 saddle strap buckles. Prairie style 2 1/2 tapered gun belt with two short Colt Walker holsters and trademark solid brass Chisholms Trail cast Josey Wales brass buckle (we were fortunate enough to be allowed to handle the actual buckle worn in the movie and to cast ourrecreation from this buckle). On this belt he carries two five slot cartridge pouch slides as well as a flap utility pouch. For lining add $49.95 per piece. For additional loops add $2 per loop. Patterned after a real gunfighter Ford was a great actor and an accomplished six gun handler. (Photo Pending) Correct spur straps with large conchos Coming soon. Due to rising costs in supplies, materials & leather, prices have increased $10 perpiece. all incorporated into a pair of leather suspenders . Click on photo for a much larger view. Very good looking set. Before Josey became Outlaw Josey Wales, he was called a sod buster by the Red Legs cavalry. The Gunfighter Black rig is fully lined and comes standard with24 bullet loops centered on the back. One of Stewarts finest westerns took place in the Yukon and Canada. For antiquing and distressing add $40 per piece. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Leaving the threads light color adds $10 per piece. We can fit this to any Single Action for you.The buckle is one of our own L.D. It is unique in that there is one strap from the top of the shoulder holster on the left, going over the left shoulder and looping over your pant belt above the right pocket. Ammo pouch (see above)~ $124.95. It buckled on the left hip and had a tapered tongue end with seven holes. You can have the look of your favorite Archaeology hero on the big screen or have a holster that will protect your revolver like the original that went through three wars. Would love a pattern if you could spare another. Note the authentic Southwestern Indian original tooling stamped edge. For second holster add $124.95. The belt was 2 1/2 wide and the tongue was secured by both sewing on and a nickel rivet. These loops are attached by threading through slots in the belt instead of sewing. Holster unlined as shown $174.95. This authentic western series ran from 1958 to 1962. Ike Clantons Arizona- right cross draw, double drop loop holster for an 1873 Colt Single Action Army and a lined, billeted gun belt with totally sewn tongue. Our flap holster version~ $124.95. For snap strap add $10. You could own a replica of this rig that has not been recreated for over 73 years. The color is Chocolate with hand rubbed saddle finish. The holster is 5 and will also fit a 4 3/4 SAA. His one good eye tracked the flys progress until he caught it with his gun barrel. Note the floral carving transferred from the actual movie gun leather tooling pattern in 1947. 2.jpg (64.36 kB, 485x600 - viewed 355 times.) Belt can be lined for an additional $24.95, Our adaptation of the toe forward, lined, rough out leather rig worn for so many years on TV. It is similar to the other Webley holsters except it has a toe that is sewn closed, not a toe plug and is darker. 95. They said it would take a long time because they were backed up. This patrol, and its first Union victim, Harmon McCoy, younger brother of RANDALL McCOY, begin the HATFIELD & McCOY feud (along with the theft of a pig) between the two families. On the same 1876 canvas covered cartridge belt, Rafe wears a 5 1/2 triple drop loop, tooled, cross draw holster for his Ivory handled 1872 Colt Open Top pistol. Holster, tapered gun belt with up to 18 bullet loops,and buckle ~ $474.95. They are build for hard use and life long service $399.95. It was an original cowboy holster owned by Beery and used by him in several westerns. Additional loops ~ $2 ea. Compare specifications of Cimarron Doc Holliday Thunderer (Sold As Set Only) 45 Long Colt CA4506DOCSET and Comanche - Sgs Import Int Super 45 Long Colt SCP60000. My dad wants one for a 22 revolver he has. Our version is reproduced as close as possible to the one worn in the movie. Sorry Dwight, my Google skills let me down. When you buy the belt holster above be sure to order the Huckleberry Town Belt. Doc would have worn an edge grooved, 1 3/4 spear point, straight belt with no bullet loops and the famous Doc buckle that we have reproduced from the one we found in Griffin, Georgia off of his fathers plantation land. Our adaptation of the strong side, single drop loop holster worn byMorgan Earp inTombstone. A hand engraved concho really sets this rig apart. Skip to main . Doc Holliday sported one of the newest types of holsters, the shoulder holster. and cartridge loops will start at the same point from the buckle billet and from the slot in the belt. Eachepisode involved a Texas Ranger going to different Texas towns in pursuit of wanted fugitives. $72.95 $ 72. Authentic Cheyenne Rig - Belt only $ 259.00. Display as a link instead, The family name is Phillips. Note: both holsters are in chocolate oil base color stain but with different lighting. At times he would carry a Webley flap holster that would also accommodate the S&W.He also carried an old style U.S. marked utility pouch. The actor told us at the Wanamaker Collectors show that the color was actually a dark walnut. (20% off), Sale Price 90.03 Back troubles so a belt pulls on him. In addition there are three bullet loops just off of the tongue end. your call ASAP or email us. Unlined, edge grooved 1 3/4 gun belt with heel bar buckle ~ $149.95. Our version with no tooling or stamping and unlined holster ~ $424.95. Specify 5 1/2 or 4 1/2 barrel. This was one of the original buckles worn by Americas greatest Western movie hero in the correct 1 1/2 size, with clipped corners. ~ $299.95, Frank Phillips was hired by the McCoys and Attorney Perry Cline to organize a posse to round up any offending Hatfield and bring them to justice. It is smooth leather lined and hand b.. Price: $218.00 Product #: BHL2 Hunting Shoulder Holster Designed for hunters who want the weight of the gun to be spread over the back and shoulder. It is right at home riding on our popular Desperado (TM) Gun Belt, style B37, or on your favorite western belt. His toe forward Buscadero rig was an attempt by the leading holster maker of the era to regain the competition fast draw market after two of his prodigies had gone on to open their own businesses taking away much of his prominence. Hopkins rode Hidalgo, a paint Sioux mustang. In this movie,Rafe Covington triesto save his dead friends ranch. For lining add $49.95 per piece. This caused Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and some others to illegally go after the gang and they succeeded in killing several of them throughout different areas of present day Cochise County, Arizona. In this show his rig has gunfighter stitch and he wears a holster as a high cross draw with low cut throat. Color choices are on the home page. The space between the holsters is also filled with bullet loops. As shown ~ $499.95. The holster is lined to reduce wear on the pistols finish. This Dodge City Deputy Marshal rig will fit up to a 5 1/2 Colt SAA or Clone. Myers saddle co. A copy of the pre WW2 operating and shooting manual is included. This rig was most likely made by Cap Hardy, an exhibition shooter in the early 20th century and a pall bearer for Buffalo Bill Cody. Our version of a turn of the century Colt 1905 or 1911 lined, edge tooled, closedor opentoe holster ~ $174.95. For a lined holster add $49.95. That became the new Ranger Fast Draw. The famous San Francisco writer, Eugene Cunningham wrote about this in a national magazine and named it the Buscadero. He said that is a Spanish word, which means One who is hunted. Hollywood saw this and immediately began using the distinctive style in all western movies. We can fitany Single Action for you. His gun belt was 2 wide tapering to 1 at the tongue and buckle end. This rig hadsix bullet loops on both the tongue and buckle ends. . The 2 gun belt has sewn on, blunted tongue and buckle ends with a nickel heel bar buckle. Reproduction Texas Ranger Badge included FREE with total set (distressed leather adds $49.95 per piece.) Box 612 Newnan, Our version has 18 cartridge loops in the middle of the back. Item Number: SH1940. Additional loops add $2 per loop. Holster, belt withno bullet loops,and buckle ~ $479.95. This style is adapted from the original toe forward holster as it appeared in the movie. At one point there was or will be a consideration to include a single or double cylinder pouch on the belt like the one in Pale Rider. Customer must provide spare cylinder to complete project. It has aretension screw and the original continued to hold up perfectly under tough action movie conditions. Only $59.95 in your caliber. Holster and cartridge belt $349.95 (with small lawman badge conchos add$10 per concho). For lining add $49.95 per piece. There are several bullet loops on both the tongue and buckle ends. If you think saddle bags are easy to make, try making them. . He wore this cartridge slide on the left side of his belt. Original color was chocolate. Painted dull black with wood colored grips ~ $149.95. For lining add $49.95 per piece. Each one is hand made and hand engraved. In this reproduction, the bandolier is about 2 wide with 3/4 bullet loops centered on the belt. . Single holster ~ $224.95. For distressing add $50 (includes wrinkling and abrasion after antiquing). Copied from the original. For a 12 barrel please add $20. Two versions were used, one with laced edge and one with sewn edge -our version ~ $399.95. . On the cattle drive our favorite Western Movie Icon wears a unique belt with a billeted, sewn on oval buckle end and tapered tongue end. We also have the correct buckle since we provided it for the series. His favorite is the Rossi brand, but he can also work on Winchesters, Marlins, Uberti and others. He may have rubbedmodest scientists the wrong way, but he had a genius for finding remarkable things even while looking for others. Bowie knife and sheath ~ $274.95 (color shown ~ brown) under Knife button KS-26 Frontier Bowie. Look for the nickel Remington 1875 carried by one of theactors. Unlined Slaughter holster with one line edge groove ~ $174.95. I found it to be actually pretty comfortable once I got it on and cinched down. Now you know the rest of the story. All of our versions come standard with 18 bullet loops unless more are ordered. When disassembled, you will find that this is a two piece holster with the shaft secured to the skirt. This was a well researched series with many of the gun rigs looking authentic and not buscadero style. 9. Doc Holliday costume 17 Pins 6y B Collection by Blake Cauthen Similar ideas popular now Leather Working Custom Leather Gun Holster Leather Holster Guns N Roses Western Holsters Cowboy Holsters Cowboy Action Shooting Survival The Lone Ranger Hunting Guns SHOULDER HOLSTER CUSTOM CONCEALMENT FOR REVOLVERS. All of our belts have slots with woven loops. The belt is a 1 3/4 smooth belt with a black, nickel, or brassroller buckle. The Colt is carried on the right side in a well molded holster without a retention strap but it does have a tension screw to adjust the guns fit. Our artist carved the replica and there will be a limited numbercast. The pattern for this holster took years to obtain and was copied from the original used to make one of the holsters worn in many of his early westerns. For antiquing add $20 (wrinkling and variegated color). Separate pant belt and turquoise inlaid sterling silver buckle ~ POR. Tontos brown Buscadero rig is uncommon. . For as long as the supply lasts, a free small brass bell like in the movie is included similar to the one he had attached to his saddle horn. Holster, belt and buckle~ $324.95. Holsteris very stifffor faster draw. Thanks, Treed, . Our Raidershoulder strapis adjusted with a heavy duty relaxed fit slider buckle which does not mark up the straps leather surface. . Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. Edges are double stitched and The interior is smooth pebble grain leather to reduce moisture retention, suede crumbs, and reduces wear on the blue finish of the Sharps. Buckle & spear pointed 1 3/4 pant belt ~ $149.95. NOTE: All rigs come standard with 18 bullet loops in your caliber. . . Complete set ~ $524.95. Logged I'M #330 DIRTY RAT. For antiquing and distressing as shown in the photo add ~ $49.95. In 1880 at the age of 29 he joined the Earps in Tombstone, Arizona. Marshal was introduced in two episodes of the Western TV series Rifle Men. Note the highly 3D engraved, unique center bar horseshoe buckle which we have reproduced. one "up and over" the right shoulder. I do know, I don't have enough time to get it all done, Dagnabit, I enjoy all styles and creating a new look, Airguns , vintage watches, Primitive archery, Washington State (city in limbo moving too much), Live Action Role gaming When the angle desired is chosen the stud is riveted in the back to keep the toe forward appearance. It is rare to see triple drop loops on a 5 1/2 holster. He also taught many of the early actors how to shoot, working with Tom Mix, Clark Gable, and William S. Hart. To antique the buckle like in the series, sprinkle gravel and sand on the buckle and lightly hammer it to show pits, then blackened the buckle and polished the surface off till they got the look they wanted. Addition of each five slot bullet pouch slide adds ~ $99.95. His belt buckle is the typical Anderson hammered solid brass style. Leather Lady Productions all rights reserved 2006-2022 Single belt ~$264.95. The original was laced on the edges with a closed toe. (Movie Quote: Remember what I said about people seein a bright light before they die? Tandy has a book of patterns that includes a shoulder rig. I found this screen capture on a search of the film Tombstone. With Deputy Marshal Badge ~ $539.95 For antiquing and distressing as shown in the photo add $49.95 per piece. He also played the deputy marshal in another westeren series on TV. More loops add $2 per loop. . From an examination of the original ARCHAEOLOGIST FORM INDIANA pant belt we found a quality buckle. Top. Standard with 18 loops. I am new here and loving it so far, hope to be of some help later on. I dont do these things to other people, and I require the same from them. Our adaptation of the unlined belt,buckle and lined holster ~$424.95. As shown ~ $399.95. Add a 6 round cartridge slide in your caliber for $59.95. He commissioned this buckle fashioned from a Civil War original and converted it from a two piece to a one piece buckle and put a modern back on it so it could be worn on a normal pant belt. The addition of this cleaning rod in your kit really adds authenticity. Never Forget. Devil Anse Hatfield, leader of the Hatfield clan, led a Kentucky West Virginiafeud decades long. and the shoulder holster later this week or first of next week. Gunfighter stitch or hand carved flowers and vines can be added for $49.95 per piece. After studying this gun rig, we noticed that the gun belt and holster were totally different than any rig he had worn before or after. Making Doc Holliday's Shoulder Holster & CrossDraw Rig from 1993's "Tombstone" Road Agent Leather 28K subscribers Subscribe 145K views 4 months ago Part 2 Here: https://youtu.be/J-LPbGVbwNY. You can order any one of the three with lined holster and belt and 18 bullet loops ~ $549.95. With edge groove $274.95. For basket weave or floral carving add $49.95 per piece. Additional loops add $1 per loop. muzzle loading, Everything and some I don't know about yet. Features: Classic Style Thumbpiece, Color Case Widespur;Hammer, Color Case Serrated Target Trigger. (Movie Quote: Behold the pale horse. Specially designedas a tribute to the authentic and gritty westerns made by Sam Elliot. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. The pant belt had six bullet loops on the right side. It has all moving parts including dummy bullets. This one is a great example with 2 1/5 gun belt and round tongue & buckle ends with a California buckle. Secure your holster. . For decorative edge stamping add $10 per piece. The belt had a cartridge slide holding six45 auto rim or 45 LC cartridges. Note the fancy crest around an oval that you can have your initials engraved on. Special oval engraved, gold inlaid, 1 buckle can be purchased separately ~ $39.95. (CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL VIEW) The Shea set consists of a 2 1/2 lined, Saddle Tan gun belt, an unlined right drop loop holster, and and unlined right Slim Jim cross draw holster~ $374.95. Holster, gun belt and buckle ~$249.95. com, Cowboy Hatbands, Leather Hat bands, Western Hatbands, Cowboy Holsters : Publications Featuring Chisholms Trail, Cowboy Knives, Leather Knife Sheaths, Bowie Knives, Cowboy Outfitter, Western Holster Maker Links, Cowgirl Western Gear, Cowgirl Belts, Ladies Holsters, Modern Leather Holsters and Mini-Holsters, Ordering Options for All Gear & Leather Gun Belts, Western Belt Buckles, Historic Buckles, Jewelry, Western Cartridge Slides, Leather Cartridge Boxes, Western Jewelry, Concho Necklaces, Conchos, Western Leather belts, custom gunbelts, cowboy pouches, MERRY This has been a challenge to find a correct pattern and we looked for years to get this rigpattern since it is never seen from the back side during the movie.